Subject Re: [IBO] RichEdit
Author Nando Dessena

> > Almost correct. TIB_RichEdit is able to do what you say, but
> > -it has nothing to do with a memo component, in the sense of
> > Windows class.
> Actually it does have something to do with memo - in the context of
> IBO. Since IBO uses the same methods for processing memos and
> richedits (the Lines property). This is perhaps not optimal for
> RichEdit, but handling RichEdit efficiently is otherwise quite
> complicated and remains limited by the facilities offerred by the API.

I think using the Lines property is the only reasonable way to do it.
We won't have such nightmares when we go to Kylix... ;-)

> > Finally, I agree that a (text) blob is a much more ideal
> > candidate to store rich text data, expecially if the
> > length is variable.
> If the user can add formatting then the length is always variable.

Right. I meant "much variable". 10% more or less is fine for a varchar,
50% is not.

> If the user cannot add formatting then you are best advised to use
> plain text fields and add the required formatting on the form or
> report (IMHO :-).

You could then have another (blob) field to store the formatting
information. We don't want to recompile the exe when those requirements
change, do we? ;-)