Subject Default value and empty string: bug?
Hi, I've posted the message #8176, but not confirm of the problem from
the "guru". Could you have a look at it, Jason or Geoff? Thanks.
IBO 3.6.Di. Sorry but I need it and I would know if I'm doing
something wrong before trying to invent workarounds if not needed.
I repeat the message for your convenience:

Date: Mon Jul 2, 2001 5:52 pm
Subject: Default value and empty string

Hi, I want to set a default value for my Descrizione field to ''
(empty string).
I have the domain
and the query with GetServerDefaults to true.
But when I insert the record (I'm using a IB_Grid), if I leave the
field empty the record posted has a Null value. I've tried to put a
definition in DefaultValue property of the query with Descrizione=''
but the '' is put as field value :)
How can I do what I want (apart from entering a space in the field
when I want it to be empty). This is because in subsequent ordering,
null values have strange behaviour, while empty fields have not,
Marco Menardi