Subject TIB_LookupCombo behavior in TIB_Grid has changed in IBO 3.6.Di
Author Jörg Schiemann

since IBO 3.6.Db has changed.
With IBO 3.6Db all works fine, but now with IBO 3.6Di it doesn't work any

In a detailset I've a grid with a lookupCombo

In the detailset.AfterPost event I change the DefaultValue for the field the
lookupCombo is linked to.

qryAufwand.DefaultValues.Add('EMPLOYEE_ID=' +
qryAufwand.FieldByName('EMPLOYEE_ID').AsString );

If I now insert a new tuple the lookupcombo now suggest the last employee.
If I don't change the employee because the suggestion is right and I post
the new tuple the lookupCombo gets empty, but if I refresh all datasets it
shows the right employee.
If I change the employee and post the tuple it shows the employee.

Maybe I use the wrong way to suggest the employee or ist there an adjustment
I'm not aware of?

Any help is appreciated.