Subject Re: [IBO] Lookupcombobox question
Author Johan Kotze

Thanx for the reply. A previous reply of mine on your message seems
to have gone missing, so I am trying again. I have been working with
IBO for some time and I am fairly comfortable with lookupcombo's. The
problem here is that the "lookup dataset" has only one field and not
the two fields (key and description) that I usually use. There is
also no singleton select in the "master table". This causes the
Keylinks and KeyDescLinks properies of the "lookup dataset" to be the
same. I have tried your enhanced lookupcombo, but it seems to have a
problem too. I think the problem is in the KeyLinks or KeyDescLinks,
but I have no idea what is wrong.

Johan Kotze

--- In IBObjects@y..., "Geoff Worboys" <geoff@t...> wrote:
> > I have a table called "stock" that contains a field "Model".
> > I have another table called "Models" that contains a list of
> > valid models. How do I setup a lookupcombobox to display a
> > dropdown list from the "Models" table and update the "model"
> > field in the "stock" table. The field to display in the
> > dropdown box is "Modelname" and this is also the value to
> > update the stock table with.
> Sounds like you are just getting started? Take a look at the
> tutorial/sample applications that come with IBO. There is also a
> "Getting Started Guide" available for purchase from the ibobjects
> website which I believe provides detailed explanation of the steps
> involved.
> The main thing to remember is that TIB_LookupCombo does not quite
> like other controls...
> TIB_LookupCombo connects to the "lookup dataset". It does NOT
> to the main dataset that you are editing. The TIB_LookupCombo
> provides a selection capability to lookup records in the lookup
> dataset.
> The "lookup dataset" is simply a normal TIB_Query except that you
> define the KeySource property to point the main datasource (where
> wish edit the foreign key value). It is the lookup dataset that
> the main dataset field - via the specially defined KeyLinks. The
> lookupcombo is simply used to move the lookup dataset row selection.
> Hopefully this will give a start to understanding the examples a
> little better.
> Geoff Worboys
> Telesis Computing