Subject Delphi 6 & Kylix (IBO,IBX & dbExpress)
Author Andy & Christine
We are starting a project using Interbase, and are using Delphi 6. We
are looking to also ahve it running under Linux as well. The
application is 3 tier with the majority of database comonents placed
on the server as opposed to the client. As a result, there will not
be any live result sets as such, and most transactions are all based
on the server as opposed to user input (this is a brief overview).

As I see it, we have 3 options :

dbExpress, IBX & IBO.

We haven't really looked at IBO, and I see there isn't a D6
evaluation kit out yet. Any ideas when it will be available?

I understand that IBO offers many more features and features (in
terms of working with interbase) than IBX, but we are not sure
whether they are fully needed (although an easy to implement clunky
IBX solution may lead to scaleability problems later as opposed to a
more elegant IBO solution).

Or, we are not sure whether to go with dbExpress, has anyone seen any
stats on the performance of dbExpress when compared with custom
dataset components like IBO/IBX or Oracle components under the oracle

I'm surprised no one (especially Borland) has come out with
benchmarks regarding dbExpress.


Andy Gibson