Subject Field value required - MIDAS
Author Guillaume JUSTIER
Hi All,
I have, I am sure a simple problem :
Client server application using IBOBJECTS and MIDAS/MTS.
Table TEST :
field TEST_PK integer not null
field TEST_DATA integer
trigger before_insert
generator GEN_TEST_PK

I then create a test client app with just one dbgrid.
I cannot create a row if I don't put the value of the primary key myself. (I get "Field value required)
I set up the generator on the IBOQuery on the DELPHI server side.
I tried to change the properties "required", "autogeneratedvalue", "required" on the CLient Dataset but it still doesn't work.
I believe the problem is on the client side as I don't think my insert ever goes to the server.

Any help would be really appreciated.


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