Subject Re: [IBO] IBOQuery/Table for IP2000--problems with, need some direction
Author Chuck Belanger

Thanks for the quick reply.

I will try that.

Turns out I tried the "regular" TDataset IBOQuery and it worked just fine! So go
figure. Maybe the IP aware one is old or something. Right now I'm not even sure
why I tried the IP components at all.

I'm also working on optimizing the Query to make everything go faster on loading.


Chuck Belanger

Daniel Rail wrote:

> At 07/04/2001 08:15 PM, you wrote:
> >Has anyone had experience using these IBO extra components? Is there
> >anyway around using the IBOQuery and still allow the RTF editor to work.
> >Does it make sense to work off a separate table/database to edit to make
> >all this work? Maybe there's another way?
> Have you created an Update statement for the query using the EditSQL property?
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