Subject IBOQuery/Table for IP2000--problems with, need some direction
Author Chuck Belanger
Hi all:

OK, so this is a borderline topic, but I'm hoping someone has some
experience with this:

I'm using IBO to access, using a couple of components that mimic IP2000
table and query access components that Jason has provided in his extras:
IBOTable, IBOQuery (I think). Been using them with Dream Company's
InfoTree and they work just fine.

I'm trying to sync the data used by the tree with the grid and RTF
editor from IP. What I recently discovered is that the RTF will only
allow editing of the IBOTable if used for the datasource, not the
IBOQuery. All I get with the Query is a view, but no ability to edit
with the RTF component.

This whole treeview thing has been really stumping me!

So, now I'm faced with SELECTing the table (in the correct order
required for the Dream tree view) into another database table then using
that to view and edit, then updating the original table (BTW, this is
all Local IB) or going back to TTreeView which doesn't have
multi-select/multi-drag and drop and other goodies as this component

Has anyone had experience using these IBO extra components? Is there
anyway around using the IBOQuery and still allow the RTF editor to work.
Does it make sense to work off a separate table/database to edit to make
all this work? Maybe there's another way?

The IBOQuery works well with the Dream InfoTree, although with a large
dataset, it is slow. I'm not hung up on the IP RTF editor. I've tried
the other RFT editor that comes as an IBO extra, but it causes AV's
which I had trouble tracking down to attempt to fix.

Thanks for your help,

Chuck Belanger