Subject IBO Installation (where is IBA_StringList.INT)
Author Martijn Hoedeman
Hi all,

I've been reading this group for some time now and done some testing with IBO so now it is time for the real thing. :-)

The initial testing with the eval-versions went pretty smooth, (allthouh some of the IBO appoches was some getting use to) but now I've purchased the product I've hit a small problem. After installing IBO I try to rebuild and install IBO_D5.DPK and I get an error compiling "IB_Components" at "{$I IBA_StringList.INT }" stating it cannot find the file (neither can I)

Using : IBO Sub-Release 3.6 Dh on Delphi 5.0 from

Thanks in advance..

Martijn Hoedeman
OPG-Medico R&D