Subject Re: [IBO] Can not edit/remove on dataset.
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
Don Schoeman wrote:
>I've already tried it that way around also which then allows you to
>insert/edit/remove records, but then the posting of the new record fails
>with a "multiple rows returned in singleton select" error. I think the
>KeyLinks property should be set to TEAMS.TEAM_ID but like Jason said, I will
>probably have to write my own EditSQL and DeleteSQL statements.


How can it be correct to have the KeyLinks and KeyRelation refer to
different datasets? Since TEAM_ID is the primary key of TEAMS, I think
SCHEDULE.MATCH_NO (the primary key for SCEDULE) would be the field uniquely
identifying each record. I cannot see why you need your own EditSQL or
DeleteSQL for this one - that is, unless you want to be able to modify some
of the TEAMS fields.