Subject Re: [IBO] Can not edit/remove on dataset.
Author Jason Wharton
> Looking at the query you will notice that the SCHEDULE.OPP_TEAM_ID field
> linked to the TEAMS.TEAM_ID field. The problem is that for some reason the
> dataset only allows me to perform inserts and not edit's, or remove's. I
> have temporarily hooked a TIB_UpdateBar to a datasource connected to the
> ScheduleFrameQuery dataset and it also allows me to add new records, all
> other controls on the TIB_UpdateBar is disabled. Why can't I edit or
> existing records? Any ideas? The RequestLive property for the dataset is
> currently set to True.

I suppose I should raise an exception when you set RequestLive to true and
IBO cannot figure out how to do it.
You need to assign your own EditSQL and DeleteSQL statements to handle the
edit and delete capabilities.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ