Subject Re: [IBO] gds32.dll access violation
Hi Jason,

Thank you for your immediate reply. I revised my collegue's code and
seems he didn't assigned own TIB_Session instance per thread. After
modifying his code we'll continue with extensive testing and I'll
report the list about the results.


Peter Karsai

Vamszoft Kft.

--- In IBObjects@y..., "Jason Wharton" <jwharton@i...> wrote:
> P├ęter,
> One thing to be sure of is each thread needs to create a TIB_Session
> component and then when you create the other components like the
> TIB_Connection make the TIB_Session instance the owner of the other
> components the thread uses.
> Please do this and if it doesn't clear up your threading problems
let me
> know all the particulars of the project and some pertinent code to
> Send privately if you prefer.
> Regards,
> Jason Wharton
> CPS - Mesa AZ