Subject Re: [IBO] newbie needs advice
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
Hi Greg!

Tried to answer you yesterday, but sent it off to the wrong address. Since
I still think you would save yourself lots of problems (and time) if you
get the Getting Started Guide, I'm trying again...

Here's what I tried to write yesterday:

Hmm, wonder if this really is complicated or very simple....

>Greg wrote:
>>However this isn't, it seems to me, a straight forward master-detail.
>>I can't just show the student id's in the first column, so I need to
>>do a join, which means that things are getting scary (for me).

I'd recommend the IBO Getting Started Guide (around $30 at, no discount for anyone), in particular the section on
TIB_LookupCombo in a grid. You still have to do joins and you better follow
the recipe 100% (if not, you're likely to just have an empty result set
without error messages) - but if you do, you hardly have to write any
additional code at all.

>>Also the detail rows don't exist in the first place. I can see myself
>>writing lots of code to make sure that each students attendance
>>detail is present and adding new rows for those that aren't. If there
>>is anyway to make this automatic I would be over the moon.

If you write lots of code for things like this, you've still got a lot to
learn about a lazy programmer being a good programmer. Jason has made IBO
very powerful, and most things should be possible to do through properties
or SQL.