Subject Re: [IBO] Where to find a RichEdit example?
Author Helen Borrie
At 01:41 PM 26-06-01 -0700, you wrote:
>I'm a newbie to IBO and D5 and need help with an example of the use of
>the IBO RichEdit. Can you point to a sample/example code that I might
>look at? I can get the IBO component to display BLOB information, but no matter what I do, I can't edit it.

Are you expecting a richedit component to behave like, e.g. Wordpad and provide an editor? If so, you are mistaken. Both the VCL and IBO richedit components are "aware" of the RTF markup language and will display RTF-formatted text. To get richtext editing, you should either hook up to Wordpad or Word through an OLEContainer, or roll your own editor. (Or search DSP for one that somebody has already built...)

>Also, am I mistaken?: I thought that using the IBOXXX components
>mimicked the Delphi components, such as query, etc? I was trying
>alternatively to use these and then an existing RichEdit component, but
>it does not recognize it as a datasource. Is it possible to use another
>richedit component with IBO in this way?

TRichEdit works fine with a blob field from an IBOQuery if you stream it in yourself; but it's not a data-aware control. You need to use TDBRichEdit and a TDataSource that is connected to your query, with the data field properly linked up.


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