Subject "newbie needs advice" think he's there but stuck on masterParamLinks
Author Greg
I still have a problem, though, which is after the SQL.

I need a left join somewhere, since the attendance details may/may-
not already exist for each student. And then once I've pinned down
the select SQL I then fill in the update/edit/delete sql slots to
make it updateable. anyway here's the select SQL for any lovely
person who would like to tell me how unnecessary it all is :

select, s.student_id, ad.hours, ad.attendance_detail_id,
from (student_contract_link scl
join student s on scl.student_id=s.student_id)
left join attendance_detail ad on s.student_id=ad.student_id
where scl.contract_id=:contract_id and

My problem now is that the two parameters in the "where" clause are
supposed to be fetched from the master dataset. I beleive I am
supposed to do this via masterParmLinks. The online help suggests
that this is used exactly the same as for parametized queries, Except
that whichever way I think about it, and whatever I try, it doesn't
work. The online help doesn't elaborate (no example) and the samples
don't use this property.

So I'm stuck.