Subject RE: [IBO] Dutch translation of constants.pas
Author Riho-Rene Ellermaa
For run time translations it would be nice to have all strings in one DLL
file, containing string resources (.RC). At least that's what I do in my
I have EST.DLL and ENG.DLL, etc. When the user defines his language, I load
corresponding DLL module.

In my code I call: ErrorMessage(ResStr(IDS_BAD))

char *ResStr(int AResId)
char str[300];
if(!LoadString((HINSTANCE)HInstance,AResId, str, 300))
wsprintf(str,"SYSTEM: Unknown string ID: %d",AResId);
return stringBuff;

Riho-Rene Ellermaa
senior programmer

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> I thought that using the resourcestring instead of const would allow
> flexibility to do it both ways. No?
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