Subject Dutch translation of constants.pas
Author Francois Leemans
I try to change the language of the constants in IBObjects.
I want to go to DUTCH and FRANCAIS
In order to do this I must use the propper Constants.pas file
I found two files for dutch
Unfortually those files are for version 3.4.B.m
And I use version 3.6.D.g
There are some changes in the Constants.pas files for those releases (some
new fields)
I can add those fields, but in order to avoid that everybody is using his
own Constants.pas file I would rather see that one person keep track of the
versions and changes the Constants.pas files for each country.
If the guy(s) that made the Constants-dut.pas files that are bundled with
the IBObject s components have made the alterations for version 3.6.D.g I
would like to hear from them.
Could you attach the altered Constants-dut.pas file ?

My e-mail lee@... <mailto:lee@...>

Thanks aforehand

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