Subject Re: TIB_Export DBF Problem
Author Jeff Clement
> If you open the file in Excel then save it as dbf - can you open the
> result Access? If so, compare the result and see what the differences
> are.

Good idea ...

> If you are able to come up with a fix for IB_Export.pas that resolves
> the problem with Access 2000 then I am sure Jason will welcome it. Of
> course it could be Access 2000 - no MS wouldn't get anything wrong
> would they? ;-)

I agree with you Geoff ... it wouldn't surprise me if there was a bug
in Access 2000.

I would like to contribute if I had the source to IB_Export.pas.
Unfortunately I only registered for the sub-release and only have a file.

Unless Jason is happy to e-mail a copy of the IB_Export.pas
source to see if I can find the bug???