Subject ANN: IB LogManager v1.2.0.2 released!
Author Thomas Steinmaurer

A new version (v1.2.0.2) of IB LogManager - The Logging Tool for
Interbase/Firebird is immediately available at

June 20, 2001 - v1.2.0.2:
1) Performance improved when scrolling in huge logged data result set
2) Performance improved when analyzing (opening) the database
3) Counting automatically the number of records in the logged data
resultset can be enabled/disabled
4) Extended information about logging metadata for a prepared
database are shown in the 'Database Properties' Dialog (Tab "Logging
metadata information").
5) Overview of metadata changes in the 'Database Properties' dialog
can be exported
6) EMS QuickDesk data export package was upgraded to v1.90 (for a
detailed list of enhancements and bugfixes please see
7) Help file updated

1) Bug fixed when switching between databases with different log
table names
2) Case-sensitive table and column names in dialect 3 databases
(delimited identifiers) are now sorted correctly in the treeview

Additional information:
1) BLOB column logging for Interbase/Firebird under Linux is available
(current state is BETA) as separate download (see the links below). I
would be thankful if people could use it with Interbase/Firebird on
different Linux distributions. I've tested it under Firebird
0.9.4/SUSE 7.1
2) A special offer for IBExpert and EMS QuickDesk customers! An IB
LogManager PlugIn Site License can be purchased at a price of a 1 User
License (49 EURO) until June 30, 2001 (see the links below).

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subscribe the IBLogManager forum:

Best Regards
Thomas Steinmaurer
IB LogManager - The Logging Tool for Interbase/Firebird