Subject Transaction isolation
Author Nico Callewaert
Hi list,

I've read some things this afternoon about transaction isolation in the IBO
help, and I've changed some things in my application, can anyone tell me if
I did the right thing ?
For example I have a order form. On that form I have 2 IB_Transactions :
Transaction A with a isolation level set to tiCommited, and transaction B
with a isolation level set to tiConcurrency and ReadOnly = True. Then I
have a TIB_Query to insert a new order connected to Transaction A, and I
still have 3 other queries that show me some information about previous
orders, these queries are connected to transaction B. I used 2 seperate
transaction, because info about data may have a transaction with isolation
level = tiConcurrency, so other users won't be blocked to update records
from these "information" queries. I had problems today with update
conflicts, because all my "information" queries were connected to
transaction A with a tiCommited isolation and other users were blocked to
update these records retrieved by those queries.

Did I change it in a good way, or has some IBO huru out there better ideas ?

Thanks a lot in advance,
Nico Callewaert