Subject FieldValues[..] etc
Author staff@belding
Hello team IBO

I am retrieving varchar strings for display from a TIB_Query using
MyQuery.FieldValues['MYCOL'] and also looking at the strings using a TIB_GRID.

I useIBObjects ver 3.6.D, D5, Win2000 OS.

A string in the database consists of three characters whose hex values are 78,F0, 0C, inserted by encrypting another three character string.

When this string is IBO-retrieved it becomes a two character string 78,F0 as seen in the TIB_GRID and as retrieved by FieldValues.

By contrast the string shows as three characters in the Borland IBConsole display of the IB Table data, and in the SQL_Grid for displaying data in IBWorkbench beta version 0.8.5 (it uses IBObjects but I don't know which version). I do not have IBO source.

Anyone have any insight to this error?


Russell Belding

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