Subject Re: [ibo] tib_lookupcombo
Author Helen Borrie
At 02:45 PM 16-06-01 +0100, you wrote:
>Hello All . I still have trouble here so would be grateful for help.
>(ibo version 3.6.D)
>I have a single lookup table (containing a list of Town Names).
>I want to provide two lookupcombos to enter data into the main table columns
>townA and townB.
>I have two ib_queries and sources connected to them, one for each combo.
>It all works in that if I select 'York' in one combo and 'Leeds' in the other, these names appear as they should in townA and townB columns of the main table.
>The two combos seem to interact.
>When the second combo is used the first combo edit-space becomes blank and if a selection is made again in the first combo the second one's edit-space goes blank.

Would you please supply the SQL for the dataset that is using the lookups (i.e. the query that is connected to the Keysource); and also for the two lookup queries; and the Keylinks for each of the lookup datasets.


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