Subject Re: [IBO] password problem
Author Geoff Worboys
> Now I transfer the .exe to another machine and run it up and I
> get an error saying my username and password are not set up.
> If I go into the IDE and retype the password in the object
> inspector it starts working again - both from within the IDE
> and just running the .exe

Is this with IBO3.6?

There is a partial implementation of a new password feature showing in
IBO3 but I did not think it was turned on just yet. AFAIK in IBO3 the
PasswordRemembered feature should be ignored and the password always
remembered in plain text if provided.

In IBO4 Beta the password situation has been changed so that (by
default) the password is not saved. If you set PasswordRemembered =
true then it is saved using a "jumble" function. This function will
use a different key on every system - unless you alter the registry
functions accordingly.

If you are using IBO4 (or if the feature has been accidently enabled
in IBO3) and you really want to hardcode the password, then your best
solution is to provide the password from within code just before
connecting. Alternatively you can read the comments for the
JumbleString and GetJumbleKey functions in the IB_Utils.pas unit,
which describe the registry keys involved.

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing