Subject Re: [IBO] Replication module update
Author Sergey Nikolaenko
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From: Jason Wharton <jwharton@...>
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Sent: Wednesday, June 13, 2001 4:08 PM
Subject: [IBO] Replication module update

> I have completed the improvements for the handling of BLOB columns.
> Unfortunately I had to make use of a UDF in order to get this to work.
> For now I am using the FreeUDFLib.dll's F_BLOBBINCMP but it doesn't quite
> just what I want so I will be writing a new one special.
> What it does is keep track of when a BLOB column is changed and ensure
> it is only replicated when it has been changed. On the full resync it will
> do a comparison of the BLOB's and only write a blob to the target if it
> any differences. Previously, due to the nature of BLOB columns it would
> overwrite all BLOB columns. This could drastically impact the performance
> well as bloat the GDB and busy it up doing the garbage collection. Full
> resyncs only need to be done rarely but it is still good that they work
> efficiently.
> I believe this module is ready for production usage now... Which, I
> considered the last major piece prior to releasing IBO4 into production. I
> still have a few other items I want to get finished up but they are minor
> issues.
> The rest is pretty much docs and marketing only and IBO4 will be released!
> Regards,
> Jason Wharton
> CPS - Mesa AZ