Subject Replication module update
Author Jason Wharton
I have completed the improvements for the handling of BLOB columns.
Unfortunately I had to make use of a UDF in order to get this to work.
For now I am using the FreeUDFLib.dll's F_BLOBBINCMP but it doesn't quite do
just what I want so I will be writing a new one special.

What it does is keep track of when a BLOB column is changed and ensure that
it is only replicated when it has been changed. On the full resync it will
do a comparison of the BLOB's and only write a blob to the target if it has
any differences. Previously, due to the nature of BLOB columns it would
overwrite all BLOB columns. This could drastically impact the performance as
well as bloat the GDB and busy it up doing the garbage collection. Full
resyncs only need to be done rarely but it is still good that they work

I believe this module is ready for production usage now... Which, I
considered the last major piece prior to releasing IBO4 into production. I
still have a few other items I want to get finished up but they are minor

The rest is pretty much docs and marketing only and IBO4 will be released!

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ