Subject how to avoid "autorefresh"
Author Rolf Bredemeier
Hi List!

We have a database for our CAD drawings. (Size: 25.000 records)
In my Application i use for editing/inserting data a transaction and
for display/searching the data a other transaction, named <tnview>

tnview. AutoCommit = True
tnview.Isolation = tiCommitted

The TIB_Query for viewing/searching data has following settings:

object IB_QueryFullView: TIB_Query
IB_Transaction = tnview
RequestLive = True
SearchingLinks.Strings = ( 'TBMEDB00.ZGNR=Zeichnungsnummer')
AfterScroll = IB_QueryFullViewAfterScroll
BufferSynchroFlags = []
CommitAction = caRefreshKeys
FetchWholeRows = True

All works fine BUT:
It seems, that sometimes IBO make a "autorefresh" (Perhaps by editing data odf an othe user?)
The app is in Background, and suddenly then window "Fetching Query Results" pop up.
Because of 25000 recs, the refresh takes a few seconds. No problem, but the CAD-application
previously in forground, lost the focus.

My question: How to avoid this behavior?

Best regards,

the still stupid IBO User Rolf ;-)