Subject Re: [IBO] IBO shortcomings
Author Nando Dessena

> > - IBX has an easier learning curve if you come from TDataSet and/or BDE
> > oriented developing.
> When IBO emulates the BDE almost 100% I don't see how you can say this.

Let me try to explain it, then.

In IBX there are no alternatives. TDataSet is what you get and what you
use, as you always did with the BDE (let's not forget other custom
datasets: I have used several third party db connectivity products based
on that architecture, and they are easy to use because they are
basically TQueries full of TFields, as with the BDE and IBO
TDataSet-compatible components).

On the other hand, almost every IBO user agrees that, at some point, you
just have to make the switch to native IBO to fully exploit the product.
*That* is a learning curve; perfect BDE emulation in the
TDataSet-compatible components doesn't change it much, and preteding
there's no harder learning curve in IBO because of the TDataSet
emulation components won't help either. ;-)