Subject Re: [IBO] IBO shortcomings
Author Nando Dessena

> Would anyone be willing to tell me of IBO's shortcomings both in
> respect to
> interbaseExpress and shortcomings irrespective of interbaseExpress?

My 0.2€:
- IBX has an easier learning curve if you come from TDataSet and/or BDE
oriented developing.
- IBO can be intimidating with all the settings and options and such it
- One could not find himself at home with the architecure heavily based
on stringlists, the way columns are managed at run time only, and so no.
I have seen that in time people tend to adapt to this mindshift and then
take advantage of it, but it's not immediate for everybody.

> What does IBX do better than IBO?

the installation program, maybe?

There are many good things in IBO, but you must already know.

> Please don't just answer those two questions.

Should we anticipate questions you don't ask? ;-)