Subject RE: install of IBO
Author Jim Smitherman
Please help with reinstall of IBO, current version of IBO_3_6_Dg_Full. I
don't know what I'm doing wrong that I did right the first time I installed
IBO. I deleted all the old components/palette pages. I renamed the old IBO
directory. I unzipped the source under the Delphi directory, into
delphi\IBO_3_6_Dg_Full (all the subdirs appear to have unzipped correctly),
then unzipped the patch file into that same directory. I put that dir in
the library path, removing the old one. I deleted the older IBO_D5.bpl/.dcu
from the projects folder, which is also in the library path. I open the dpk
(for D5) from the file open menu, ran compile, then pressed install. It
said all these components were now registered and installed. there isn't
anything new in the IDE though. IBObjects suite appears in the installed
components, with checkmark, but again, nada in the IDE itself. What am I