Subject Re: [IBO] What is the best way to get the next number in a indexfield
Author Lucas Franzen
Francois Leemans schrieb:
> I got a small table of employees, each having a unique employeenumber.
> If I want to add a new employee, what is the best way to obtain the next
> employeenumber ?
> I could search for the highest already existing number and add 1, what I
> want to know is if this is the professional way to do this.
> Any small example ?

Use a generator for getting the next unique number.
This way you get unqiue numbers, but there are gaps between the numbers.

If you use a TIB_Query for your employee table, just make an entry in
the GeneratorLinks, like:

(where EMP_NO is your employeenumber and G_EMPLOYEE is your generator
(which you can set up in yxour database with: CREATE GENERATOR

What you are trying above isn't multiuser safe and can't be shown with
just a small example (you can have a look in the IBOHelp, topic: "How to
maintain a pure sequence number".)