Subject IB_Vtree woes
Author Dietrich Schulten

I hope I don't get on anybody's nerves with IB_VTree.

I had more difficulties when I tried to run the Testproject.exe from the
IB_Vtree package.

- A dsgnintf.dcu and .pas are expected which don't come with Delphi 5, at
least not with the trial version. I copied the files over from my BCB4 -
probably not a good idea, but it compiled :->

- Finally I could run Testproject.exe, but it turned out that no
descriptions are visible, only icons, and the tree appears to be cut off
from the second image column on.

- I also tried to build a new project, hooked up the IB_VTree, entered
the fields key=id, display=description, parent=parent, folder=folder,
image=image. The VTree remains empty, while a grid that is connected to
the same IB_Query shows the data properly.

Was anybody actually able to use IBO_VTree in his/her own projects yet?