Subject How OrderingItems desc only?
IBO 3.6.Dg
Hi, maybe I've done something wrong, since putting DESC in
OrderingItems lets order desc my data but it always shows in the
ascending order first.
I've taken the "contact" sample and changed the ordering item number
from 9 to 1, so it refers to the first item that is:
Well, the browsing grid (and the first query) shows that the dataset
is ASCENDING on ID field. Only clicking on the column name in the
grid reverts the order to Descending.
What I need is the dataset in the DESCENDING order first (and
possibly not the way of reverting that order)
The syntax should be (online help)
< user readable name of sort >=< ascending ORDER BY crite-ria>[;<
descending ORDER BY criteria >
so I've found that you get the only DESCENDING criteria put-ting
But, unfortunately, since IBO expects it to be the ascending
criteria, the glyph on the grid is opposite (ascending).
So is the OrderingItems behavior to be extended and fixed? Can't it
parse the criteria and change the glyph depending in the presence of
the 'desc' clause?
Marco Menardi