Subject RE: [IBO] C++ Builder 4 Pro and the latest version of IBO
Author Norman Dunbar
Morning Geoff,

>> Have you EVER managed to compile the partial source version with BCB?

I've never had many problems compiling IBO with C++ builder - even the trial
I first came across IBO as a freebie on the C++ Builder 5 Developer's
Handbook CD-ROM and liked it.
I was then told to upgrade by Jason by simply downloading from his web site
- so I did.
All I do is unpack the zip file, then unpack the file which
matches my version of C++ Builder (4 in this case) and then open & compile
IBO_C4.bpk. Even though there are pascal files 'missing' I have the
corresponding DCU and C++ Builder seems happy with that.

This is the first time I have had problems, and I suspect that it is
environmental rather than an IBO 'fault'. I've had a trial version of Delphi
installed which has timed out :o( and the trouble(s) started after that -
could be just a coincidence of course, but Delphi went in after the previous
version(s) of IBO, then I tried installing the latest - that's when it all
went horrible. (Latest version is fine under Delphi 4 at home though.)

>> As far as I knew it was not possible. There are no .hpp or .obj files
>> distributed (or did not use to be) and so BCB will insist on trying to
>> compile everything - and fail.

There are still no hpp or obj files in the zip, but when I compile IBO_C4,
it creates all the hpp files from the pas files, and seems happy to produce
obj files as required. I think, but I'm not sure, that it uses the dcu files
supplied in if it can't find the pas files. I know I don't have
parse.pas or components.pas or ib_constants.pas amongst others. Problem is,
when it bombs out with this error, it hasn't compiled all the pas files, so
even though I have the previous bpl files (re-)installed, I don't have many
of the generated hpp files - so I can't compile.

>> If you ask Jason nicely (privately) he may allow you access to full
>> source under the trustware licence.

I'd rather not at the moment. I'm one of those types who likes/needs to know
how and why things do or don't work - drives my wife mad. Apart from that, I
need to 'earn' special privileges like that - to my mind anyway.

Regards, Norman.

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