Subject RE: [IBO] Digest Number 411
Author Norman Dunbar
Morninng/afternoon Helen,

>> >>PS, I'm in 'digest' mode and about to go home, so I'll probably not
>> >>until Monday.

>> LOL, which Monday?

Oops ! I originally sent the email last thing on Friday then baled out for
the weekend. Unfortunately, when I got in to work this morning, I had a
message from YahooGroups telling me that it had not been delivered (I can't
spell IBObjects, I put IBOObjects !) so I resent it. I suspect 'read before
you post' applies here :o)

>> A possible reason for your problems is that your environment path is
still set up to point to the old directory.
Though of that, and checked it out when I was compiling - I always set the
paths because of bugs in CPPB which trashes them. I've installed no problems
into Delphi at home.

>> Also, did you make sure to delete the old package libraries from your
output directory?
Again, because of bugs in the IDE, the output path is usually ignored, so I
always leave this blank which means 'stick the output into the same
directory as the source files please'. This always works.

However, I tried again and here is exactly what I did :

deleted everything from my IBObjects source directory - totally !
unzipped into ...\cbuilder4\source\ibobjects - this is releade
3.6Dg as per the release notes.rtf file.
loaded CPPB and opened the C4_IBO.bpk
clicked on Options - set include & lib directories to include
Changed the CBUILDER3 predefined constant to CBUILDER4 - just in case - I
suspect this is a bug, maybe ?
Compiled the package - got errors.

In the message window, I have the following :

(Pascal Fatal Error) IB_Session.pas(412): Unit IB_Components was compiled
with a different version of IB_Header.short.

In IB_Session.pas, line 412 is in the implementation section, and is the
list of units used, as follows :

IB_Utils, IB_Parse, IBD_Error;

The cursor is positioned at the start of IB_Parse in the above line.

I wonder if it is anything to do with the predefined constants for CBUILDER3

Regards, Norman.

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