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Author Jason Wharton
Are the master and detail dataset in the same transaction context? (Are they
connected to the same transaction?)

Jason Wharton
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Subject: [IBO] (unknown)

> I'm completely lost with tthe locking behavior on a master-detail
> relationship. I have tried to work with LockSQL but I get
> always the message "Record locked by another user" even with an unique
> user. If I leave the lockSQL properly blank, locking works for the
> current detail register with the message "Deadlock" but it does not
> work if you try to update other line, no locking is performed on the
> master table.
> I have tried also to work with KeyLinks but I could not afford to put
> a "correct" syntax in that field. Each time I put a different table
> the query editor gives an error, something like "unproper field".
> I used to work with BDE and I locked the master table with a
> "Master.Edit" when the user was working with the lines. Should be done
> the same way here ? Is there any better way?
> At the end I get pessimistic locking working for detail or master but
> no both. Is this the correct way of proceeding?
> I have the starting guide of IBObjects and there is neither a specific
> policy nor some guideline to be followed. If somebody can advise me
> about any documentation I will be very pleased.
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