Subject Re: [IBO] Case Insensitive Searches
Author Carlos H. Cantu
I had been using IP 2000 with IBO for a long time with no problem. There is
a property in the IP controls where you choose if you want CaseSensitive or
not. If you set it to caseinsensitive IP will use UPPER to convert
everything to uppercase. Of course, this is not the fastest way but since
IB does not support insensitive index (maybe you can try the ibCollate


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fana> Hi

fana> We have been trying to link Woll2woll-IP2000 lookups to IBOTables.
fana> The Interbase Create Index command does not seem to support case
fana> insensitivity. We also tried various settings in IBOTables but to no
fana> avail. What happens is that if I search for Arthur but type it as
fana> arthur the search dialog does not find the existing record.

fana> How do I work around this?

fana> Thanks

fana> Francois

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