Subject TIB_Memo and TIB_Edit problems
Author Chris Hulsey
Hello All,

I am developing a touch screen application whereby I have created some buttons on my screen that represent the keyboard keys that when touched simulate keystrokes from with the current TIB_Edit and TIB_Memo field. I have no problem with the normal keys from A-Z and many others but I seem to have a problem with the ENTER key with TIB_Memo and the BACKSPACE key with TIB_Edit that contain EDIT MASKS without MASKS no problem. I previously was able to do this with the BDE controls TDBEdit and TDBMemo. What I do is simply simulate the keystroke as if they were to hit the keyboard using the API function SendMessage(). All keys function properly except for these. The strange thing is that if I actually click or set the focus in the TIB_Edit or TIB_Memo and press the keyboard it appears to work fine. I think that this tells me that the actual TIB_Edit and TIB_Memo are setup properly. For some reason the BACKSPACE and ENTER Keys are ignored and do nothing.

TButton *Enter_Key;
TIB_Memo *Edit_Memo;

void __fastcall TForm::OnEnter_KeyClick(TObject *Sender)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Chris Hulsey

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