Subject RE: [ib-support] Internet & Interbase
Author David Keith
Pablo -

I'm working with a few products that are Delphi-centric that
quite obviously ideal for your needs. First of all the fastest,
simplest, and most secure means of building a client-application
server relationship to be used over the internet would be to use
Asta Technologies Asta product ( This product
will get you moving more quickly to a resolution than any other
approach on the market. The guess work has been done for you,
there are actually no-code examples for you to follow.

I personally tested this product on my home network from
work - literally running a 256/64 kbps cable modem on my home
network, behind which I run a very affordable and very secure
firewall product - Winroute( - and run
Delphi/Asta application servers on a separate app server box. At
work I ran a thin client application that I built using Asta's
thin client components and Delphi and the performance was
comparable to that of working on the local network with
reasonable-sized queries. Unless I requested several megabytes of
data or large chunks of blobs from my IB6 database, the
performance was WAY beyond any XML or Microsoft data access

I even built my own proprietary protocol based on a subset of
HTML using Delphi string parsing - a protocol far 'lighter' than
XML - and Asta still blew it away!

Asta includes built in options for data compression, data
encryption, and the latest version is supposed to incorporate SSL
right into the product. The product includes built-in HTTP
tunneling, so you can route all your requests formatted as HTTP
or HTTPS right through the only open ports in a customers
firewall, without requiring the customer to modify their security

For the best in IB speed & performance, you'll want to have
your application servers access IB via Jason Wharton's Interbase
Objects, which negate the need for a BDE interface completely AND
are the fastest set of IB direct access components on the market.

Hope this helps.

David Keith
GreatLand Technology
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Thanks Dave !

I´ll tell you if I´m able to finish the work...


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