Subject ANN: Version 0.8.5 of InterBase Workbench
Hi ladies, gentlemen,

Upscene Productions is happy to announce a new version of InterBase
Workbench - the developer tool for InterBase and Firebird.

InterBase Workbench gives you an easy-to-use application to create,
edit and extract your database objects, export tables, run scripts
and ad-hoc SQL statements and much much more... InterBase Workbench
works well on low-bandwith connections because of extensive caching
when using the Object Editors...

Download now at

InterBase Workbench is created with IBObjects
( and supports InterBase and Firebird

We don't copy features - we make them up.

New features:

- Several small new features
- Only quoted identifiers if needed (special characters, spaces,
mixed case identifiers)
- Option added to open the 'Open Windows' screen automatically

- Extreme versatile Auto Increment Wizard

View Editor
- Re-creates SQL Grants after changing the view

Database Navigator
- Trigger type shown in tree (after trigger name)
- Field type shown in fields for indices and constraints
- Several new items in the context sensitive menus
- 'Search Database Navigator' lets you search for a certain
table/procedure/view etc

Enterprise Manager
- 'Connect To Database' menu item added that fills in the current
selected server default values (protocol, server name etc)
- Saves screen position

Grant Manager
- Filter on object type to supply grants to
- Grant/revoke statements recorder by Session Recorder
- Popup menu added to grant/revoke/reset all rights for an
- Grants available for Triggers on Procedures, Tables and Views
- Grant statements optimized - multiple privileges in one statement
- Now usuable even on Classic Architecture servers

Bug fixes and small enhancements:
Bugfix: 'invalid page fault' removed when closing without connection
but with SQL Editor opened
Bugfix: Table Editor: changing a new fields name/type twice or more
would result in an error
Bugfix: Table Editor: ordering fields would save to the database, but
wouldn't sort the fields in the grid
Bugfix: Table Editor: collation errors fixed (didn't display default
collation, which was confusing to people)
Bugfix: Table Editor: changing a field type to a domain (of the same
data type) would not display properly
Bugfix: Index Editor: description save bug fixed and sort
order 'descending' on first save fixed as well as 'no mods made' for
unique flag change
Bugfix: Grant Manager: tab 'Grantees per Object' didn't function
Bugfix: Grant Manager: was executing too much statements on save
Bugfix: Database search didn't search the view source text
Bugfix: Several small memory leaks removed
Bugfix: Dropping a Primary Key from the Database Navigator would
sometimes result in an error
Bugfix: When creating foreign keys on compound unique/primary key
constraints, the fields would be ordered in the wrong way
Bugfix: Fixed font-size error when changing it in the Preferences
Enhancement: Table Editor: message about collations removed for non-
new fields
Enhancement: Database Navigator: much easier on resources that would
cause problems when having a lot of procedures/tables etc
Enhancement: Database Navigator: better on-demand loading, optimized
for low bandwidth connections
Enhancement: Getting the grants is optimized for better performance
on low bandwidth connections
Enhancement: Grant Manager doesn't flicker screen/cursor when
applying statements

Martijn Tonies

Upscene Productions

InterBase Workbench - the Developer tool for InterBase and Firebird