Subject Problems with TIBOTable
Author Daniel Rail

I'm having some problems using TIBOTable as a detail table. What happens
is that when I make changes in the grid that it's attached to, changes are
not saved when I post them. I noticed that in the OnBeforePost event it's
on the correct record, but it's no longer on the correct record in
OnAfterPost event and no changes were saved. But if I view the records one
by one and not a grid, the changes are saved properly. I tried changing to
TIBOQuery and same results. All SynchroFlags are false. I have the
MasterSource property set along with MasterFields. The Keylinks protperty
is set to Auto and the table has a primary key.

Everything is visual with data-aware components, no code entered to issue
the post method.

Anybody have an idea on how to proceed in debugging this? I'm getting
frustrated, because I can't see the problem.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Daniel Rail
Senior System Engineer
ACCRA Group Inc. (
ACCRA Med Software Inc. (