Subject No fields after IBOQuery.Open
Author Tjerk Hellekamp
To be able to clone some data in a new record,
i first try to get the real data fields in the TIBOQuery :

// only interested in the Fields in the Table
cloneIBOQuery.Sql.Text := 'select * from ' + aTablename
+ ' Where ' + anIdFieldName + '= 1';

// all the [aTableName] fields should be here by now !?!?
// so let's iterate through them
for i := 0 to cloneIBOQuery.FieldCount - 1 do (*)

When running this code, the fieldCount is always zero.
If don't , fieldCount is zero.
If i put a debugger break on the (*) line and the debugger stops on
the line Fieldcount is what it should be
and my procedure works as planned.
Also, when the same table is being used, additional calls
will work without any problems.

It seems like a problem with synchronisation ?

Does anybody know of this problem ?