Subject RE: [IBO] Access violation on create calculated fields
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
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> From: Dietrich Schulten [mailto:ibo@...]
> Sent: Lunes 14 de Mayo de 2001 4:22
> Hi,
> working with the TIB_Query editor, I came across the following problem:
> When I go to SQL-Calculated Fields and right-click the text area, "create
> calculated field" appears. When I choose it, I get an Access Violation.

I created the small editor you're trying to invoke. I suspect that your
exception is the equivalent of the message "Error reading
sePrecision<garbage>: Property does not exist." that I get in Delphi 3.
I didn't know that it wasn't working. I will try to explain briefly and
hope I won't make some people's skin itchy: there were some spin edits in
IB_WISQL. At some time, Geoff included in IBO his [variant] version of the
spin edit. It worked great in D4 and above, but I fell in a kind of hell,
since D3 cannot stream variant properties. Geoff used some hooks in the
stream mechanism to get the work done in any Delphi/BCB version. At that
time, I had replaced some of the controls with the SpinEdit that comes with
D3 in the Samples palette. Jason told me that this control didn't exist in
upper versions and that he considered illegal to use it, so he was happy
with the replacement made by Geoff. Now it seems that the small dialog that
implements the calculated fields editor never was updated.
I think that the solution is for someone with D4 or BCB4 or above to open
IBF_GenCalcFields and save the DFM again. Geoff?