Subject Query Returns a blank page in IIS - more path woes
Author Philip Cain
I had my web app working yesterday on the development machine. Some
reorganization of directories at the ISP forced me to change the relative
directory structure on my development site to match it. That got me back
into changing paths for all kinds of links, including the path for the
database access.

I set the path in IB_Connect to the path from the site root. I think that's
what I did yesterday. Server was set to localhost.

What I get is a blank page. That is, the page producer never fires. I get
no error message at all. Removing localhost did nothing. Same result.

Any suggestions will be much appreciated. Also if anyone can tell me how I
can figure out what is wanted, I'd owe you big time. I've spent a week
trying to get a simple web app to work and I've spent a good 80% of that
time trying to figure out what path strings the silly thing wants (not just
IBO; the whole path thing in web objects is a royal PITA). Apparently I
haven't a clue.


Phil Cain