Subject [IBO] Re: New sub-release posted to all areas
Author Serge

This worked out also.

Wednesday, May 16, 2001, 2:14:05 PM, you wrote:

JW> Another thing that should work just fine as well would be to leave it with
JW> my fix as was implemented in the 36Df sub-release and comment out just one
JW> single line of code that I forgot about which isn't necessary and is most
JW> likely responsible for the performance hit.

JW> constructor TIB_Component.Create( AOwner: TComponent );
JW> begin
JW> FHasNilAncestry := ( not Assigned( AOwner )) or
JW> (( AOwner is TIB_Component ) and
JW> ( AOwner as TIB_Component ).FHasNilAncestry );
JW> inherited Create( AOwner );
JW> // Comment out this line of code.
JW> // CheckSession( false );
JW> end;

JW> I would really appreciate those of you who have applied the new sub-release
JW> and noticed this slow down to try commenting out this line and tell me if it
JW> speeds things up. I'm sure that it will but I would also like to know if
JW> there are any other problems that result. I ran through a bunch of my apps
JW> testing it and it does indeed seem to be unnecessary to do this call to
JW> CheckSession.

JW> Please confirm ASAP.


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