Subject Re: OT: Recommendations for a Report Builder for BCB and IBO
Author Dietrich Schulten

lester@... schrieb:

> Another Option is FastReport


> I have been using it for a couple of months, IBO native
> build, and it works great. End users can modify reports
> without re-programming.

OT: Does anyone know if FastReport 2.21 works with IBO? It is freeware.

Another, even more OT question:
I tried to compile it with BCB4 Enterprise, but when I try to add the
*.pas files to my new BCB package, BCB complains about missing
TfrSpeedButton and TfrDock Components.
The interesting thing is, it complains right upon adding the pas files to
the new package, not during compilation or installation. I don't
understand how this could happen. Do I have to tweak the include order or
Does anyone know a mailing list or some other place to ask such a