Subject gds32.dll
Author Paul Schmidt
Dear List:

I am running Firebird, the server is a Linux machine running
Caldera's OpenLinux eServer 2.3 with the 2.2.14 Kernel. Firebird is
the binary release from December of 2000. I also have the Windows
version, again December of 2000 binaries running as a client on my

I suspect a bug in gds32.dll, that is causing me to tear my hair out,
does anyone have a version of gds32.dll that is newer then,
who could send me a copy of the newer DLL to try. I would look into
rolling my own copy, but I don't have all the required stuff to do
it, and I don't have time to figure out how, either.

If someone from Firebird wants more info, then please Email me



Paul Schmidt,
Tricat Technologies
Email: paul@...