Subject Re: [IBO] Delay of up/dn buttons in TIB_EditEnh
Author Geoff Worboys
> When the user clicks up/dn buttons in TIB_EditEnh several
> times consecutively, they seem to react sloppy, there is
> a delay or they require a doubleclick. I can imagine this
> is a feature, but in my case it is rather annyoing than
> helpful. Can I switch this off?

There is no delay built into the button. There is an autorepeat
mechanism with a timer, but this is off by default (except for
TIB_SpinEditEnh). I have noticed the lag you describe, but since most
of the time the button is only used for showing popup windows etc, I
have not been too concerned.

There are a couple of possibilities...

1. I force a Repaint during button processing and any gui interaction
can have detrimental effects.

2. I press the button down with the mouse down event, and release it
with the mouse up event. I think this style of processing may have
some detrimental effect when clicked in rapid succession. Note that
this style of action was by design - in order to support autorepeat
functionality for controls like SpinEdit.

If you want to experiment with the first issue, simply edit
CustomEditEnh.pas, find the TCustomEditEnh.SetButtonState procedure
and replace the Repaint function call with Invalidate.

The second issue is less easy to work around, since the style of
implementation was intentional. I will have to do some experimenting
and see whether it is a problem, and if so whether I can perhaps
provide some sort of option to alter it when appropriate.

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing