Subject Re: [IBO] WISQL: Lost ability to edit records--Thanks!
Author Chuck Belanger
Thanks, Rob:

Your instructions were perfect. Found the correct component quickly. Turns
out the source was already set up for editing the Browse, so I just
recompiled and the new WISQL worked just fine. It will save a lot of hassle
when I just need to quick tweek of an item in the table.

Thank you!

Chuck Belanger

robertsc@... wrote:

> hi chuck,
> maybe I can help you out. I assumne you have the siource to ibwisql
> 1. open the project in Delphi
> 2. in delphi's project manager look for ibf_browse and open it
> 3. the grid you would edit uyou data with is called grBrowse. Check
> its data source and then that datasource's dataset. (hint: the
> answer is qrRelations)
> 4. take a look at the read only property for qrRelations
> Make the appropriate changes, save, and compile.
> rob