Subject Strange or undocumented?
Hi, All!

Again, I found very strange behaviour with IBO. Sorry,
developers ;)

So, I have table with ADATE field (DATE, DATETIME, TIMESTAMP,...
data type), PHONE field, ... and I need to edit this field in grid so
that automatically invoke IB0's calendar control.

Ok, I use IB_Query with ColumnAttributes 'ADATE=NOTIME'.
With no success ;( When I try to edit ADATE column in grid -
there is no button at the left in order to invoke calendar.

BUT! When I set FieldsDisplayFormat to '' -
it works! Grid automatically invokes calendar. MOREOVER -
when I set FieldsDisplayFormat to 'PHONE=(000)000' ONLY
(without specifying format for ADATE) - it works too!!

So, in order to autoinvoke calendar in grid for date fields
I need: 1. Specify NOTIME for that field; 2. Specify
FieldsDisplayFormat for at least one (any, not exactly
for the date) field.

Is it correct behaviour or the bug?