Subject Re: [IBO] The Currency decimal symbol behaves different under Win98 and NT4
Author Daniel Rail
Have you checked in the Regional Settings in the Control Panel of
Win98? The setting might be wrong there.

Daniel Rail
Senior System Engineer
ACCRA Med Software Inc. (

At 10/05/2001 06:14, you wrote:
>My regional settings are 'German (standard)', currency symbol is 'DM' and
>the decimal symbol is ','
>I use:
>IB Version
>charset is ISO8859_1
>SQL dialect 3, for moneyvalues I use NUMERIC(18, 2)
>IBObjects 3.6De
>With NT4 currency shows correct, with the comma (124,00 DM)
>With Win98 currency shows not correct, instead of comma i get a dot (124.00
>The regional settings on Win98 and NT4 are the same .
>Have I missed an adjustment?
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